June 21st 2018 One year of ALS.

Today marks the end of my first year of diagnosis of ALS.

It was a little traumatic at first, having been given the diagnosis. But as the months passed, I learned to accept it and move on the best that I can. One good friend of mine, Eric, who was diagnosed seven years ago, has an expression “it is what it is”. He is so upbeat and a great encouragement to me. He has taught me that there is no point in getting depressed about having ALS, because it is what it is. His other expression is “don’t get me wrong”. We still need to find a positive cure for this darn disease – not something that just extends one’s life a few more months (at great expense).

So, I have mentioned how I go to the gym regularly. I was there this morning and decided to make a short video to show you what exercises I do over a 90 minute workout. I’m too embarrassed to show you doing all my exercises but did get a buddy of mine at the gym to film me doing my first exercise of the day – pull-ups! The rest are instructional images of the exercises that I do.

I can’t stress enough (in my own mind) the importance of regular exercise whether one has ALS or not. It can only help. And then there’s the question of diet. We all know about that. I’m beginning to wonder whether I’m being a little bit too careful with mine, as I have lost a couple of pounds since returning from the advocacy conference in Washington DC. I jog half a mile to and from the gym, so I think I’m burning off quite a few calories all round!

Last but not least –  keep the faith. Someone once said “I have faught the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith”. Well, whatever your religion is, understand that there is a God and we are nothing compared with Him. He gives me strength each day and I refuse to let things get me down.

Enough, until next time! May you all have a wonderful summer.



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