November 6th, 2018 Thanks to all past GoFundMe donations.

It just occurred to me since my last posting that I hadn’t officially thanked all those kind people who have supported me through a GoFundMe account that my daughter Victoria set up for me when I was first diagnosed.  There were many, so I would like to mention you all again, by name. I believe I have already publicly thanked those who supported my team on the recent walk to defeat ALS, through Facebook. Those funds went directly to the ALS Association. This is over and above that. Thank goodness my condition shows a very slow progression and I’ll just keep fighting on!

So, for what have I been using my funds? Don’t be shocked, but I believe CBD oil has had a lot to do with my slow progression. I take no other medication and rely entirely on a natural product and prayer!

Unfortunately, there are a number of anonymous contributors, which makes it difficult to thank you personally. All I can say is that I am truly grateful to you and you know who you are.  So here we go with the list as I know it, in no particular order…

Gary Caine, Chris and Linda Caine, Brook Halvorson, Eric Cifuentes, Kevin Buttress, Ian Buttress, Shirley Bekker, Victor Bekker, Kendall Odle, Charmburys, Dave and Kathy Halsor, Gino Talamantes, Kathy Nel, Greg Alvord, Mike Boyd-Clark, Martin Collings, Jesse Ray Vasquez, Denise Kerner, Betty Griffith, Lauren Fidler, Iain Tarbet, Carolyn, Robert and Thomas Diehl.

There were a few who donated directly to the ALS Association and not to me and that is fine and just as much appreciated. It all goes to helping finding a cure for this miserable disease. Jim McDermott, Deborah Russell, Donald Allen and John Thomas Snr. Thank you.

Until next time, stay well, please!





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